Tragedy vs. Maino


Anscheinend hatte sich der Mixtape-Rapper aus Brooklyn vor ein paar Wochen an T.I.’s Geburtstagsparty mit Tragedy wegen finanziellen Unstimmigkeiten geprügelt. Nun hat sich die Legende aus Queensbridge zum Vorfall geäussert. Interessanter scheint mir die Ankündigung eines Projekts mit Cormega und Nature – ein passender Titel wäre z.B. “Straight Out Of QB – Reservoir Underdogs”.

“Basically it’s a situation where we were going to do a mixtape deal with Maino, and my partner didn’t necessarily wanna do the deal, but I pushed for the deal ’cause I kinda liked his vibe a little bit. Time went on, he signed off on the agreement, when I got it back my partner didn’t want to sign the executed agreement on our end, and technically there was no deal – Maino never delivered a master so there were no monies owed to him.

From what I gather from sources close to him he’s a bit frustrated, he’s riding the coattails of lil kim, I guess Universal isn’t pushing him the way he thought they would. Anyway, At the T.I. party I tried to talk to him, and at that time I’m totally unaware that there’s a gripe at that level between us as we haven’t talked in a few months.

I wouldn’t want to walk into a trap. I go to a T.I. party or an industry party, I’m there to get my network game on, to be social. I’m not getting into any wars, that’s what I left the hood for.

I’m hearing a lot of rumours that Maino fucked me up I don’t even like saying his name and giving this any energy, the fact is it wasn’t even him who hit me.I got hit with a chair in my back, with a champagne bottle in my face and a bottle in the back of my head. From what I gather it was 5 to 7 of them who were physically hitting me. I have a little scratch on my face, they ain’t fuck my sexy up, I’m still young and pretty and hitting hard.

I’m not even concentrating on it but I’m hearing so many rumours about it, and I don’t want things to go unchecked. It’d be one thing if I owed him money, e’one who knows me knows that I’d keep my mouth shut if I was in the wrong. At the end of the day were in a business. If he feels some kind of way about my company there’s a way to confront things. You don’t want to savagely beat somebody in this industry, who’d want to do business with you? Now are people are gonna feel reluctant to invite Tragedy Khadafi to a party? No. Because Khadafi was confronted in an aggressive way and did what he could to survive. Would they want to invite Maino to a party? No. Who’s to say he’s not unhappy with Universal…what’s he gonna do? Shoot a universal staff member at a party, I mean think about it.

A lot of this game is based on negative sensationalism. You’ve got a lot of people who don’t care about that stuff – is Maino gonna come with a good record? Will Tragedy Khadafi come back to save Hip Hop, will he put his stamp on something like he did with Capone-N-Noreaga’s War Report record? Is it possible for another street record to be commercially successful? Those are the questions ad the stories we need to concentrate on as opposed to focusing on someone becoming irate and resorting back to the primitive skills we learn in the streets – that’s not general status, it’s not thinking like a boss, and it’s counter-productive.

On a real note, for the fans of Tragedy Khadafi and 25 II Life Records, I’m working on a album with Uprising Records, a collaboration of Queensbridge and Queens artists. I’m also putting out [another] new solo album through a joint venture between 25 II Life and Nature Sounds…and I’m working on closing some deals with Havoc and Scram Jones for the 2nd quarter. Lastly, myself, Nature and Cormega are putting a supergroup together.”


Für alle Crackbabies, die mit dem Namen Tragedy nichts anfangen können, gibt es eine Serie von exzellenten Artikeln über ihn auf und eine Zusammenstellung von Videos auf meiner bescheidenen Website.


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