Highlights des Freekey Zeeky-Interviews auf Allhiphop

Freeky Zeeky ist ein Dipset-Weed Carrier, der ausser ein paar Ad-Libs und Refrains eigentlich noch keinen grossen musikalischen Output vorweisen kann. Immerhin ist er im Gefängnis. Sein Interview mit Allhiphop.com anlässlich seiner bevorstehenden Freilassung ist trotzdem lesenswert.

Hier die Highlights:

AllHipHop.com: They say it’s more money and more problems. Coming from humble beginnings and reaching success only to have it snatched from you along with your freedom had to be frustrating. How did you maintain?

Freekey Zekey: On the real to real, it was a constant struggle since ’98, when a n***a Killa [Cam’ron] rhymed for Biggie and we got on. [Editor’s note: Notorious B.I.G. died in 1997]

AllHipHop.com: Being away a few years, and watching your peoples grow, do you ever wonder whether you will fit in the same way?

Freekey Zekey: Can it fit in? No homo. No Homo. I’m already in.

AllHipHop.com: How fast do you think you can get up to speed back in the real world?

Freekey Zeekey: As soon as they let me out. As soon as they let me out the gates. I’m in the real world right now. I’m locked up, but I’m in the real world right now. But I’mma be out there, and when I get out there Freeky, a.k.a Katrina but I’m not gonna destroy, I’m gonna build.

AllHipHop.com: Enough about the past. What’s going on with Freekey Zeke now? What’s in the pipeline as far as upcoming projects? Any albums for yourself?

Freekey Zekey: What’s going on with me? Me that’s what’s going on. And more me with a little bit of me and add me on it, with a sauce of me. It’s about Freek. F-r-e-e-k-e-y, muthaf**ka. That’s what I got to get on. Stop spelling my name wrong. It’s Freekey. F-r-e-e slash a lower case k-e-y. Got a free key. That’s how I got in the game. That’s how Dipset stayed on top of the world.

We never stop getting money, you can’t hold us, Y’all brought us here so we gone get it how we get it. Bush kills, does everything, and I love it know what I’m sayin’? Everybody talking Bush this, Bush that, he f**ked up, nah the n***a send troops out getting money, that’s what we do. We on the block, n***as trying to handle us what? We send our goons out, take it over. What we gotta do after that? We find another block, take it over. That’s what Bush doing. Shout out to Bush n***a, I’m wit’ you, n***a, take over countries, n***a, we taking over blocks, you take over countries. This is where we living. What? You tell me U.S.A. is f**ked up? Hell no, we make money! Freek in the building, shout out to Bush, n***a. Take that oil, drop us back down. Let’s get money, man. Saddam you aight with me, you can pour a drink wit’ me it’s aight, we’ll talk. But at the end of the day, if Bush say it’s over, bllllackaaaa! A salam alaikum though.

AllHipHop.com: How does the Diplomats movement keep inspiring their followers?

Freekey Zekey: Basically because it’s a movement. It’s more like Malcolm X, it’s more like Martin Luther [King], it’s more of a movement because, not the fact that we makin’ money we do what we do but the reality of our speech touches everybody’s heart. It’s not just some s**t. We not Danny Glover, shout to him though, but he’s a muhf**kin’ actor. We don’t act in our speech. Everything we say we are going through.

AllHipHop.com: How do you separate the fake from the real? This industry is full of illusion and fake beefs. Do you make an attempt to separate that both with the way you’re living and the fans who seem to not know the difference anymore?
Freekey Zekey: We not following nobody. We doing what we do because the cause brings us our food. The little kids that we got growing up we give them something to feed on. This is bigger than just rhyme. This is bigger than just speech. This is the way of life this is how we live. We don’t muhf**kin’ rhyme to make a rim look good. We rhyme to make our children get fat. There’s a lotta people that done died, that’s dying, that’s gonna die, or that’s gonna make it, get rich, and be real successful in this situation. So Diplomat Records, when we say it’s more like a movement that you need to be in tune with, it’s because it is what it is.

Ok, dude.

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