Nas & Jay-Z: Black Republican


Leider nur ein Radio-Rip inklusive Nonstop-Gebrüll von den Gómez Brothers – aber zu gut, um nicht sofort gepostet zu werden. God’s Son und Hova zum ersten Mal offiziell zusammen auf einem Track – “Goooooddamn!!!” © DJ Whoo Kid

Nas & Jay-Z – Black Republican. Schreifreiere Version.

Gomez Brothers-freie Version!


12 Responses to Nas & Jay-Z: Black Republican

  1. LL Cool D says:

    yeah! this track is great. but these both fuckin djs are totally annoying me – hate ’em. without them this track would be wonderfull. wanna hear the original version. please post it, when it’s avaiable.
    greetz coold

  2. sharp says:

    give it a couple of days, it will leak soon enough
    i stay on my grind so you know you’ll get it here first

  3. Manolo says:

    track is definitiv geil, gomez brothers streßen halt, gibt noch ne version vom rip, da sind die net soo krass am rumschreien, denke aber sollte spätestens morgen cd quality da sein….

  4. Drizzop says:

    überall diese badenden Affen…. 😀
    Suppper Track!

  5. sharp says:

    badender affe ist definitiv was oben ist

  6. elgrande says:

    netter post, aber downloads sind scheinbar down…

  7. sharp says:

    der letzte (gomez-freie) link funktioniert bestens, die zwei alten sind jetzt sowieso irrelevant

  8. colplay says:

    spot, whats up where you from?

  9. sharp says:

    ain’t nothing, coldplay, chillin in switzerland, whats good

  10. sharp says:

    yo you gotta click that translate link on the right, shit is hilarious

  11. dipset nigga says:

    to who ever is squeak i think your a fuckin dickhead for the simple fact you hatin on 2 legends.fuck you and all you dipset dick riders you cant even put dipset in the same category as these niggas, these niggas is new york where the fuck was dipset when hip hop was at its purest form?these niggas is whack and always will be whack.real niggas no what the fuck time it is.what the fuck was you smokin whenyou posted that dumb as blog fuck you my nigga its that serious thunn.dont fuckin hate bitch these niggas dont need to retire dipset need to step off the fuckin scene for these two niggas lyricially assasinate these fuckin clowns fuck dipset.and if you feel otherwise holla at me at and whoever you are snap into it asshole because you are a fuckin dickhead and all you fuckin dipset dick riders hoffa bitch ass fuck boy as your boy jime ones would say.dipset is cowards.

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