Eminem Presents The Re-Up (Tracklist)


1. Shady Narcotics – Eminem Intro
2. We’re Back – Eminem, Obie Trice, Stat Quo, Bobby Creekwater & Cashis
3. Pistol Pistol (Remix) – Obie Trice
4. Murder – Bizarre & Kuniva of D-12
5. Everything Is Shady – Cashis
6. The Re-Up – Eminem & 50 Cent
7. You Don’t Know – 50 Cent, Eminem, Cashis & Lloyd Banks
8. Jimmy Crack Corn – Eminem & 50 Cent
9. Trapped – Proof of D-12

10. Whatever You Want – Swifty Mc Vay & Mr. Porter of D-12
11. Talkin’ All That – Cashis
12. By My Side – Stat Quo
13. We Ride For Shady – Obie Trice & Cashis
14. There He Is – Bobby Creekwater
15. Tryin’ Ta Win – Stat Quo
16. Smack That (Remix) – Akon featuring Stat Quo & Bobby Creekwater
17. Public Enemy #1 – Eminem
18. Get Low – Stat Quo
19. Ski Mask Way (Eminem Remix) – 50 Cent
20. Shake That (Remix) – Nate Dogg, Eminem, Obie Trice & Bobby Creekwater
21. Cry Now (Shady Remix) – Obie Trice, Kuniva, Bobby Creekwater, Cashis & Stat Quo
22. No Apologies – Eminem

Bonus: Eminem feat. Dr. Dre – Still On Top vom demnächst erscheinenden Pre-Up-Mixtape.


20 Responses to Eminem Presents The Re-Up (Tracklist)

  1. nautic says:

    still on top scheint irgendwie nicht zu funktionieren 😦

    hammer smack that remix, auf den shake that remix bin ich auch schon gespannt…

    Die scheibe wird brennen…

  2. nautic says:

    Yeah danke. Ganz gut aber hab fast mehr erwartet…

  3. moe says:

    yea dis is sum reall shyt… all the songs these nigas make are off the hook.
    peace out!!

  4. Antny says:


  5. magyar slim shady says:

    EmiNEm iS The KinG He Is The BeSt

  6. magyar slim shady says:

    És én Magyar vagyok szóval Good Bye all of you

  7. Real Killa says:

    You already kno whats good wit them G-Unit BOYS Emms shit IS HOT!!!

  8. edgt says:

    yo ur gangsta bad songs big up G-unit

  9. shipz says:

    make a new song man ur the king were do u live
    take ma email shipon999@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Cant wait for the new album!!!!!!

  11. Dj. W-A says:

    That was real nice

    Thanks Shady

    I wish I be one of you

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. T-BLUR says:


  14. LonniE says:

    Good read. props

  15. bank information…

    […]Eminem Presents The Re-Up (Tracklist) « trife life.[…]…

  16. Anonymous says:

    hoy cumple años emineeeeeeeem:)

  17. how-to-lose says:

    How in the direction of get rid of my Abdomen Pounds?

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