Mick Boogie & Ghostface: FishNChips (Mixtape)


Für alle, die das beste Rapalbum des Jahres – More Fish – nicht mehr erwarten können.

Mick Boogie & Ghostface: FishNChips


1. Mick Boogie: Intro
2. Ghostface: Intro
3. Ghostface: Staten Island Murder Goons
4. Ghostface: Return Of The Ironman
5. Ghostface and Sun God: God To God
6. Trife: Interlude:
7. Ghostface: 4th Chamber (live)
8. Jay-Z speaks about Ghostface
9. Ghostface, Raekwon and Nas: Verbal Intercourse 2006 (Mick Boogie Mix)
10. Ghostface & AG: 2K7
11. Ghostface, Styles P and Trife: The Dodgers
12. Ghostface and Trife: Good
13. Ghostface: You Know I’m No Good
14. Trife: Interlude
15. Ghostface, Trife and Sun God: Man Up
16. Trife: Niggaz Wanna Get Me (Produced by Moss)
17. Ghostface and Raekwon: Coke and Bitches (Mick Boogie Mix)
18. Ghostface: Josephine
19. Ghostface: Interlude
20. Ghostface and Ludacris: Poo-Poo Burglars (Mick Boogie Mix / Produced by Garbs)
21. Ghostface: Charlie Brown
22. Ghostface: Ghost Is Back (Juice)
23. Wigs/Theodore Unit: Interlude
24. Ghostface and M-1: Been Through
25. Trife and Termanology: Think It Over
26. Ghostface: We Dem (Clips Of Doom Remix)
27. Ghostface and Raekwon: Never Be The Same (9th Wonder Remix)
28. Ghostface: Mighty Healthy (live)
29. Trife: Outro
30. Ghostface and Kanye: Back Like That RMX (bonus track)
31. Beyonce f/ Ghostface: Irreplaceable (bonus track)

(props to eskay)


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