Poisonous Darts

RealTalkNy.net interviewt den Funkdoctor Spot.

Cam macht jetzt – wie Busenfreund Jay-Z – auch Werbung für HP.

Omar Cruz wartet mit neuem Mixtape auf: 2007 B.C. (Before Cruz).

Beanie äussert sich leicht überrascht über den Roc vs. Dipset-Beef: “Cam, he was rocking the Roc-A-Fella chain just like I was. It was never to a point where it was, like, that crucial, where mutha—-as couldn’t be in the same building together or studio together and all that. It wasn’t to that effect.”

Interview mit 9th Wonder-Schützling Skyzoo: “We kind of segregated ourselves but I think the corporations and the money and all that have segregated us, for us. But we do it too by downing other people by saying “Chingy is wack,” “Yung Joc is wack,” “Rick Ross isn’t real Hip-Hop.” But they turn around and do it too and say, “Who the hell is Madlib?” and “Who’s MF Doom?” and “Who’s J-Dilla?” We’ve all done it so everyone is to blame so now it’s just about business.”

Interview mit Disturbing Tha Peace-Neuzugang Serius Jones: “Everything is so planned out, it’s like there is no artistry in it anymore. As for me; all I can be is me because I have actual real life sh*t to talk about besides just being on the corner, and selling crack.”


2 Responses to Poisonous Darts

  1. Drizzop says:

    ha ha ha, grossartig, dieses “HP-Commercial”…

  2. SJ says:


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