Ice Cream

Uncle Murda – I Shot The Sheriff / This Is A Warning (Live)

Shotta TV: Griot, G-Rexus & Nex-One spitting punchlines backstage.

BET Freestyle Friday: Loaded Lux vs. some average rapper.

New sweet 16’s from your boy ‘Kiss: Gangstaz Salute and Worldwide Girl. (Off the new Tapemasters Inc and Swizz Beatz – The Mixtape Millionaires Club Pt. 2-Mixtape)

Sheek stays improving his flow: We Ain’t Runnin.

Exactly how many tracks named Gangsta has Fab put out? Anyway, here’s another one featuring Sizzla: Gangsta.

Your favorite latin rookie AC dropping heat as usual: Broken.

Looks like Mood Muzik 3 is finally on its way: Joe Budden – My Life.

New Prodigy, not on his highly recommended Return Of The Mac-Album/Mixtape: Summer in NYC.

Cam doesn’t seem phased by Fiddy’s “Computers computin, poopedy poopin” remarks: Suga Dooga. You gotta love Killa (n/h).


2 Responses to Ice Cream

  1. black gretzky says:

    Fab does seem to have a lot of tracks called Gangsta. Well Def Jam did him gangsta by pushing his shit back for the third or fourth time…lol.

    And Cam really needs to explain wtf a ‘suga dooga’ is. That sounds mad suspect.

  2. says:
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