Joey Jihad Freestyle (Video)

Joey Jihad been had a little buzz in Philly, but the internets will probably remember him from this video though. Hey, who said you can’t get clocked and robbed and still spit heat.


3 Responses to Joey Jihad Freestyle (Video)

  1. SJ says:

    dude is nice but daaamn that other shit..thats some raw shit..

  2. SJ says:

    “i should ride a camel how i’m comin with that desert nigga..”
    haha this shyt is heat for real!

  3. phil says:

    That’s some real corny shit! The bitch nigga that hit him is just that. Hey Joey, keep your head up and remember this, looking at that video, of course you know you were set up from the gate. That includes the nigga’s around you. No one said anything, no one tried to stop him, your crew should’ve been on that nigga’s head. I actually lived on 8th street, and for real, for real, sorry to say, aint nothing but killer, drug dealers, and for real niggas. I was walking thru bout 5 years ago, so one bitch nigga tried to rob. He pulled it out, tried to hit me with it, we tusseled, his dumb ass drop the gun and I was out. Yeah I ran, first instinct. I should’ve picked it up and hit, but I was just thankful to get out of there alive. I grew up with a lot a niggas from that area, but wouldn’t trust most of them. So Jihad, fuck the haters homey and do your thing. Unless your with real homies who got your back, don’t get out the fucking car, niggas hate, and niggas are jealous, together that’s nothing but a disaster. Oh for the record I’m still in the hood myself, when I go out, I dare a nigga to try me. Now what!

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