21 Responses to About

  1. Oscar a.k.a. Hispanico says:

    que pasaaa bro!!!

    looks really good all that stuff!!!

    keep doin your thing!!!


  2. keschinsky says:

    guets zügs drunter! witr so!

  3. Händs says:

    Nice blog dude, keep it up.

  4. el lenski says:

    k pasa… musho jispano-suizo por aki, nen… pues BigUp de uno mas. representing oldschool solothurnWESTSTADT straight outta barcelonaCRIMINAL

  5. TRAY the villain says:

    MY man bloggin it to the fullest! Keep it up b!

    Cuz you know…we livin that TRIFE LIFE…Ya heard?!

    One! From that Loco en el Coco mofo…

  6. nautic says:

    Yaaah man würklich geili sach. Im Jay Z sini neu Single, Tracks vom Nas und The Game vorab. wiiiiiiiiterrr soooooo………

  7. Manolo says:

    find ich cool das es sowas auf d mal gibt, weiter so….

  8. aeileen says:

    cool blog .. thankyou!

  9. micky gagrgano says:

    heyo juanito what up daddy…..sieht sich widr emol im metro400000000….haha peice…micky gargano..el gringo!!pampam

  10. red says:

    my niggaz armed wit akz so all u niggaz watch out

  11. Drizzop says:

    Ayo sharp. Updates! Bastard!

  12. Drizzop says:

    Still waitin… 😀

  13. Drizzop says:

    let me guess: is it a girl…?

  14. Young M says:

    bitches ain’t shit 😀 feed me rappers or feed me beats!

  15. sharp says:

    i was gittin sum head, gittin gittin gittin sum head….

  16. Dimes says:

    let’s get drunk…

  17. ALCA says:

    so jungz fette seite schaut mal vorbei peace


  18. G Qeen says:

    hey kep it up neGer

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