Heatmakerz – Someday (Feat. Rsonist, Carma & The Product G&B) (Video)

April 7, 2007

Dipset’s favorite producers coming out with their own album. This is the first single.

Nyce – I Get High (Video)

April 5, 2007

Another G-Unit Weed Carrier putting out a video that won’t ever get any play outside of the internets, but this one’s a lot grimier than that Mazaradi / Hot Rod joint – actually, it is definitely the most cheap ass G-Unit related video I’ve ever seen. I hope 50 ain’t mad at Nyce for smoking up all his purple.

Styles P – The Phantom (Mixtape)

April 5, 2007

sp - phantom

It was about effin’ time Paniro dropped a new tape. It’s not all brand spanking new shit on it, but I’m not complaining.

Styles P – The Phantom.


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Clipse – You Know What I Sell Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

April 4, 2007

you know what i sell

Clipse – You Know What I Sell Vol. 1.


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Joey Jihad Freestyle (Video)

April 3, 2007

Joey Jihad been had a little buzz in Philly, but the internets will probably remember him from this video though. Hey, who said you can’t get clocked and robbed and still spit heat.

Poisonous Darts

April 3, 2007

AZ possibly riding with Dipset? He must be tired of Lil’ Homie constantly shunning him.

Amazon is more up-to-date about Styles P than yours truly – can’t wait to hear that joint with my boy Joell Ortiz.

DJ Drama says he “took the fall for hip-hop” and talks about the future of mixtapes.

Prodigy explains his little feud with Saigon.

Yet another treat for all ya “Stylin On You”-fans.

MTV Mixtape Monday: Weezy’s The Drought 3 dropping, Gangsta Grillz 16 on its way and other irrelevant news about southern rap.

Another rapper gets the infamous Def Jam treatment: Fabo’s album pushed back to June.

Rap Cat > Lil’ Wayne.  It’s a whole new level of swagger.

Ice Cream

April 2, 2007

Uncle Murda – I Shot The Sheriff / This Is A Warning (Live)

Shotta TV: Griot, G-Rexus & Nex-One spitting punchlines backstage.

BET Freestyle Friday: Loaded Lux vs. some average rapper.

New sweet 16’s from your boy ‘Kiss: Gangstaz Salute and Worldwide Girl. (Off the new Tapemasters Inc and Swizz Beatz – The Mixtape Millionaires Club Pt. 2-Mixtape)

Sheek stays improving his flow: We Ain’t Runnin.

Exactly how many tracks named Gangsta has Fab put out? Anyway, here’s another one featuring Sizzla: Gangsta.

Your favorite latin rookie AC dropping heat as usual: Broken.

Looks like Mood Muzik 3 is finally on its way: Joe Budden – My Life.

New Prodigy, not on his highly recommended Return Of The Mac-Album/Mixtape: Summer in NYC.

Cam doesn’t seem phased by Fiddy’s “Computers computin, poopedy poopin” remarks: Suga Dooga. You gotta love Killa (n/h).

Young French ft. Hot Rod & Mazaradi Fox – Coke Season (Video)

April 1, 2007

Decent beat, that’s about it.

Papoose: Internationally Known (Mixtape)

March 30, 2007

 pap - ik

Streetsweepers present Papoose: Internationally Known.


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Poisonous Darts

March 29, 2007

Tru Life speaks live from Harlem.

Styles P officially signs with Koch.

JR Writer speaks on Fiddy and rap beef in general.

Jimmy and Juelz on 106th and Park.

XXL interviews Omar Cruz: “There’s been a lot of talented Latino artists that have been fuckin’ pushed to the side, because labels did not know how to market us. They had this mind state that we’re all fuckin’ Cholo rappers, or on some R&B or reggaeton-type shit.”

The Smoking Section chops it up with Joell Ortiz: “Hip hop is emcees over dope beats with that you-can’t-fuck-with-me swagger. It’s not a piece of jewelry. Rappers need jewelry because they don’t have that glow.”

Frenyc TV chillin’ with Cam’ron.